LVL Edit 0.5.2 is here!

Hi everyone!

Here's the latest version of LVL Edit.  Enjoy!

- Hold middle mouse button instead of right mouse button to camera freeview
- Menu: Recent files icon
- Menu: User Preferences icon

Bug fixed:
- Tools: update fog color preview
- Tools: Insert Light Source
- Spritesheet Editor: redraw animation grid after losing cols/rows value fields focus
- LVL Edit Doctor: Save to File icon bug
- Displayed Material: Show only available options for Light Source and Fog
- Displayed Material: Lock Repeat Count function for other than plane objects
- Keyword Tags: sometimes tags reload on click
- Keyword Tags: press tab to automatically add separator before next tag
- Keyword Tags: value field is now scrollable
- Tools: Insert Fog Object not working
- Displayed Material: Linear Filter dropdown menu
- Displayed Material: Repeat Count proportional button
- Library: scrollbar's up and down button not working correctly

- Keyword Tags: press Tab to add separator before writing next tag
- Grid Marker: hold shift+arrow keys to move marker freely
- Ctrl+N shortcut creates new project

- Events and objects optimisation

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Jun 30, 2019

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