LVL Edit 0.5.5 Update!

This is the latest version of the LVL Edit tool introducing a number of changes and improvements. I invite you to download and share your comments and opinions about the program. Here's changelog:


- Paint Tool: pick and paint texture from selected object
- Entity Outliner: Camera 'Look at Selection' switch button
- Particles: working save and load
- Grid Marker Preferences: Link to YPos of camera checkbox
- Grid Marker: if Link to YPos of camera unchecked press + - to change Y position
- 'Insert Start Point' tool icon notification to prevent from saving levels without start point
- Preferences: Advanced: Set 'start/end point' name color for Entity Outliner

Bug fixed:
- Particles properties: loading parameters from selection
- Grid Marker: movement fix depending on camera-marker angle
- Linear Fog Settings: always show on mouse position
- When Fog Object created always apply fog to already created and next objects
- Quick save locked when last session loaded
- Log file when enabled was saved in two directories
- Transform: value field's focus bug
- All markers should have locked materials
- Don't lock changing grid marker position when navigation mode selected and mouse not over viewport
- Viewport background - don't change it's color whenever closing Color Picker popup
- Check internet connection before sending LVL Edit Raports to server
- Close tooltip when mouse not over 'Insert Start/End point'
- Create 'Data' folder when not exist

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Aug 08, 2019

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