LVL Edit 0.4.5 coming soon!

LVL Edit has gained a new functionality. From now it is possible to insert animation, based on spritesheets. This is one of the new features of Clickteam Firefly engine. 

The new LVL Edit will include options such as: "keep last session". You will no longer need to load the recently opened project - the program will load it itself if the user selects the appropriate option in the program settings.

Another significant change is that LVL Edit tool itself is currently being developed in the Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ engine.  I decided to take this step because of the greater amount of Alterable Values and Strings. Due to the increasing complexity of the editor structure, parent and child events have become quite important too (bug fixing etc.)
How to test the tool best? By using it - I'm continuing to work on my own game based on the Clickteam Firefly engine. LVL Edit accelerates and streamlines the implementation of ideas.

LVL Edit 0.4.5  is a big change. Working with the tool is definitely more comfortable at current stage of development. Of course, I assume it will be even better ;)

Get LVL Edit 0.5.8

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