LVL Edit 0.4.4 Released!

LVL Edit 0.4.4 Changelog:
• New: Check for updates
• New: Animated Mesh
• New: Flip X, Y, Z for primitives, static meshes and animated meshes
• Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V for static mesh and animated mesh
• Objects List: objects list fix
• Drag&drop texture file to materials cache and apply it on object when selected (.png, .gif, .jpg)
• UI: bottom co-ordinates of Grid Marker or Click Marker
• UI: checkbox: click on it or on text that belongs to it
• Transform: Proportional Scaling mode
• Bug fixed: Position, rotation and scale bug when value field is active while selection change
• Bug fixed: Minimize/restore window bug
• Bug fixed: Drag&drop vs window movement bug
• Bug fixed: lock start marker and finish marker when no objects on scene
• Library: delete from lib.: right click to select then left click to move selected texture to "trash" folder
• Library: better highlight for searching tag
• Library: save and load last selection tag
• Particles: marker selection bug: turned off collisions for particles
• Particles: properties popup UI update and bug fixes
• Particles: one click to change particles texture
• Point Light: automatically switch on all light markers when hidden in filters
• Load other static meshes formats: *.dae, *.ply, *.3ds, *.stl
• Particles, point light and fog markers texture change lock
• LVL Edit Watermark reduced to app logo only
• Level file structure clean-up for animated meshes

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Jan 20, 2019

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