LVL Edit 0.4.2 on!

LVL Edit 0.4.2 Changelog
- Invisible properties bug while object selected
- LVL Edit FPP example
- alpha channel bug fixed (actions order)
- Fog bug
- Static Mesh materials
- Object properties: Quick 45deg rotations buttons updates rotation edit boxes in Transform Tab
- Basic lighting (no save - w.i.p.)
- Changed zoom values from 100-200% to 0-100%
- Better tooltip position when mouse over animation tab in properties
- Updated testers list
- LVL Edit Settings: changed layout
- Object properties: change object name font color depends on it's visibility
- Added: new menu quick buttons (quick save and new project)
- Object properties: proportional scaling trigger
- Object properties: double click on material miniature open it in default image browser
- Take a screenshot button
- Filters: show/hide object types


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Jun 16, 2018

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